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College of Physics and Optoelectronics & Key Laboratory of Advanced Transducers &Intelligent Control System, Ministry of Education

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College of Physics and Optoelectronics is the main supporting unit of Key Laboratory of Advanced Transducers & Intelligent Control System, Ministry of Education, which has three undergraduate majors: Opto-Electronic information science and Engineering, applied physics and Light Source and Lighting , and it teaches university physics and university physics experiments for the whole university as general foundation requisite. The Opto-Electronic information science and Engineering program is awarded national first-class undergraduate major construction project. The applied physics program is awarded prestigious major in Shanxi province. University physics and university physics experiments are selected as provincial Excellent Resource Sharing Courses. The subject of optical engineering was authorized to set up post-doctoral research center and grant doctorate degree as the first-class discipline. Three first-class disciplines, optical engineering, applied physics and instruments science and technology, were authorized to grant master degrees. The major of electrical and information engineering was authorized to grant professional master degree.

Currently, the college has 151 faculty members, including 2 “One-Hundred Talents” distinguished Professors of Shan xi, 1 Changjiang chair professor, 2 professors with Outstanding Youth Award from the National Natural Science Foundation of China; In total, there are 23 full-time professors, 44 associate professors. and 124 faculty members with doctoral degrees, 15 doctoral supervisors, 74 master’s supervisors. There are 58 person-times to be listed as “Leading Academic and Technological Scholars in Shanxi”, “the Top Young and Middle-aged Innovative Talents of Higher Learning Institutions of Shanxi”, “the Top Young Innovative Talents of Shanxi”, “New Century Leading Academic and Technological Scholars in 333 talent program of Shanxi”, “the Youth Sanjin Scholars of Shanxi”, “the Sanjin Talent of Shanxi”, “Eminent Teacher of Shanxi”, “excellent advisors on graduate education of Shanxi”. The college has 709 undergraduate students, 381 master students and 26 doctoral candidates.

The college has a Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, a Shanxi “1331 project” Key laboratory, a Shanxi “1331 project” Key Innovation Team, an Excellent Innovative Research Team of Higher education institutions in Shanxi, a key science technology innovative research team in higher educational institutions of Shanxi, a training team for science technology innovative research in higher educational institutions of Shanxi, and an excellent advisors team on graduate education of Shanxi. The Party branch of the institute of Physics and Optoelectronics is granted as the Construction unit of “National Demonstration unit for Party Building”. The college has a Sequential Undergraduate Plus Graduate Degree Program (3+2) with Hong Kong Baptist University.

For the last five years, the college has undertaken 265 research projects, including 89 national-level projects, 139 provincial projects, 37 corporate/enterprise technology development and service projects. In total, the amount of scientific research funds is 81934100.00 CNY, and the fund received is 68667567.00 CNY. There are 167 licensed patents of invention and 67 registrated software copyright. The members of the college have published 724 journal papers as the first author or corresponding author, including 508 SCI papers (49% of them listed in Section 1 and Section 2 of JCR) and 59 EI papers. The college has won the Second Prize for Science & technology Achievement of the Ministry of Education 1 time, First prize for Shanxi Science and Technology Award 2 times, Second prize for Shanxi Science and Technology Award 3 times, Third prize for Guangdong Science and Technology Award 1 time, patent awards of excellence in the 19th WIPO-SIPO Award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Invention & Industrial Design 1 time, Marie-Sklodowska-Curie Actions The Seal of Excellence Award 1 time, and Third Prize of the 16th Fok Ying-Tong Outstanding Young Teacher Award in the Higher Education Institutions of China 1 time. The college held successfully the 17th national conference on Opto-Electronic –Mechanic Technology and System in 2018.

In recent years, the college has 3 National Planning Textbooks for General

Higher Education Undergraduate in 12th Five-Year, 2 Planning Textbooks for

Ministry of Education's Steering Committee on the Teaching of Electronic-Information in Higher Educational Institutions. the college has won the first prize of Teaching achievement award of Shanxi higher education institutions 1 time and the second prize two times, First Prize of National or provincial Teaching competition for the Young university Teachers 5 times and Second Prize 6 times, First prize and Second prize of Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Awards of TYUT 5 times, “QINGOU ” award of TYUT 7 times. The college has won more than 50 prizes in National Undergraduate Photoelectric Design Contest, National semiconductor

based light source system Innovation Contest, National Undergraduate Intelligent interconnection Innovation Contest, The China Graduate Electronics Design Contest, National courseware design and production contest based on Virtual Reality Mechanism, and Shanxi “Xingjin challenge cup” college student entrepreneur petition .

The college has been granted over 20 provincial or university level innovative projects. Some undergraduate students have made contribution to the research work related to 6 published SCI papers.