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CHEN Jingdong

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Chinese Name

Chen Jingdong


Professional   Title

Associate Professor



Ph. D

Master   Supervisor

Optical EngineeringAcademic Master   Degree


Electronic   Information (Optical Engineering, Integrated Circuit Engineering)Professional   Master Degree

Doctoral   Supervisor




Optical   Engineering




Research Orientation:

1.Optofluidics and its applications

2. Novel materials microfluidics

3. Nano materials.


Lectured Courses Atomic Physics (Bachelor)College PhysicsBachelor


Personal experience:


Education Experience:

September 2001July 2005, Qufu Normal University, Physics, Undergraduate /Batcheler

September 2005April 2008, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Materials Physics and Chemistry, Postgraduate/ Master

September 2008October 2013, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics, Postgraduate / Ph. D


Work Experience:

November 2013- December 2018, College of Physics and Optoelectronic, Taiyuan University of Technology

January 2019-Present, Key Lab of Advanced Transducers and Intelligent Control System, Ministry of Education and Shanxi Province, Taiyuan University of Technology

January 2020- Present, College of Physics and Optoelectronic, Taiyuan University of Technology, Deputy Director of the Department of Optics Engineering


Research Project

1.        Chen Jingdong, Magnetic bead-based optofluidic laser enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay microfluidic chip for ultra-low concentration biomarker detection (Project Number:  61501317), National Natural Science Foundation, 2016.01-2018.12.

2.        Chen Jingdong, Laser ELISA microfluidic chip for biomolecular detection based on high Q stability Fabry-Perot microcavity (Project Number: 201701D221113), Shanxi Natural Science Foundation, 2017.07-2019.12.

3.        Chen Jingdong, High Q Fabry-Perot microcavity laser ELISA chip for biomolecular detection (Project Number: 2016141), Scientific and Technological Innovation Programs of Higher Education Institutions in Shanxi, 2016.09-2018.12.


Scientific Achievements


1.        Jingdong Chen*, Yating Song, Tingting Zhang, Wenjie Wang and Shaoding Liu. Effect of particle on the lasing threshold of optofluidic laser based on Fabry–Pérot microcavity. Optics Communications 2020, 460: 125161

2.        Tingting Zhang, Zhuonan Jia, Zhenghua Li, Shuangquan Hua, Jingdong Chen, Wenjie Wang* and Shaoding Liu. Generation of optofluidic laser in stable fiber Fabry–Pérot microcavities. Optics Communications 2020, 475: 126234

3.        Mengdi Hou, Xiyue Liang, Tingting Zhang, Chengyu Qiu, Jingdong Chen, Shaoding Liu, Wenjie Wang* and Xudong Fan*.DNA Melting Analysis with Optofluidic Lasers Based on Fabry-Pérot Microcavity. ACS Sensors 2018 3(9): 1750-1755.

4.        Shaoding Liu*, Jinli Fan, Wenjie Wang, Jingdong Chen and Zhihui Chen. Resonance coupling between molecular excitons and nonradiating anapole modes in silicon nanodisk-J-aggregate heterostructures. ACS Photonics 2018 5(4): 1628-1639.

5.        Jingdong Chen*, Wenjie Wang, Weibang Ji, Shaoding Liu, Qiushu Chen, Bimin Wu, Rhima Coleman and Xudong Fan*. Silicon based solvent immersion imprint lithography for rapid polystyrene microfluidic chip prototyping. Sens Actuators, B, 2017, 248: 311-317.

6.        Shaoding Liu*, Zhixing Wang, Wenjie Wang, Jingdong Chen and Zhihui Chen. High Q-factor with the excitation of anapole modes in dielectric split nanodisk arrays. Optics Express 2017 25 (19), 22375-22387.

7.      Tingting Zhang, Chunhua Zhou, Wenjie Wang and Jingdong Chen. Generation of low-threshold optofluidic lasers in a stable Fabry-Pérot microcavity. Opt. Laser Technol. 2017, 91(1):108-111.

8.        Wenjie Wang, Chunhua Zhou, Tingting Zhang, Jingdong Chen, Shaoding Liu and Xudong Fan. Optofluidic laser array based on stable high-Q Fabry–Pérot microcavities. Lab Chip, 2015, 15: 3862-3869.

9.        Jingdong Chen, Di Chen, Yao Xie, Xiang Chen, Kan Wang, Daxiang Cui, Hangxiang Du and Zhigang Wang. Bubble generation and mechanism in polydimethylsiloxane based polymerase chain reaction chip. Appl. Phys. Lett. 2015, 106 (5): 053507.

10.     Dongjin Cai, Yunhuan Huang, Wenjie Wang,; Weibang Ji, Jingdong Chen, Zhihui Chen and Shaoding, Liu. Fano resonances generated in a single dielectric homogeneous nanoparticle with high structural symmetry. J. Phys. Chem. C 2015, 119 (8): 4252-4260.

11.     Jingdong Chen, Di Chen, Tao Yuan, Xiang Chen, Yao Xie, Hualin Fu, Daxiang Cui, Xudong Fan and Maung K Khaing Oo. Blood plasma separation microfluidic chip with gradual filtration. Microelectron. Eng. 2014, 128: 36-41.

12.     Tao Yuan, Di Chen, Jingdong Chen, Xiang Chen, Xiaowei Wang and Baoliang Lu. A novel MEMS elastic-based dry electrode for electroencephalography measurement. Microsyst. Technol. 2014, 20 (6): 1125-1129.

13.     Jingdong Chen, Di Chen, Tao Yuan, Xiang Chen, Jun Zhu, Andreas Morschhauser, Joerg Nestler, Thomas Otto and Thomas Gessner. Microfluidic chips for cells capture using 3-D hydrodynamic structure array. Microsyst. Technol. 2014, 20 (3): 485-491.

14.     Weiping Wu, Hong Yi, Di Chen, Rongsheng Lu, Tao Yuan, Jingdong Chen and Zhonghua Ni. The design and fabrication of a low-field NMR probe based on a multilayer planar microcoil. Microsyst. Technol. 2014, 20 (3): 419-425.

15.     Tao Yuan, Di Chen, Jingdong Chen, Hualin Fu, Steffen Kurth, Thomas Otto and Thomas Gessner. Design, fabrication and characterization of MEMS probe card for fine pitch IC testing. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical. 2013, 204: 67-73.

16.     Jingdong Chen, Di Chen, Tao Yuan, Yao Xie and Xiang Chen. A microfluidic chip for direct and rapid trapping of white blood cells from whole blood. Biomicrofluidics 2013, 7(3): 034106.

17.     Jingdong Chen, Di Chen, Yao Xie, Tao Yuan and Xiang Chen. Progress of microfluidics for biology and medicine. Nano-Micro Lett. 2013, 5(1): 66-80.

18.     Jingdong Chen, Di Chen, Tao Yuan and Xiang Chen. A multi-frequency sandwich type electromagnetic vibration energy harvester. Appl. Phys. Lett. 2012, 100 (21): 213509.

19.     Hangxiang Du, Zhigang Wang, Zhili Yang, Di Chen, Jingdong Chen and Ruijun Hu. Separation of circulating cancer cells by unique microfluidic chip in colorectal cancer. Oncology Research, 2012, 19(10-11): 487-500.



1.        Jingdong Chen, Yating Song, Wenjie Wang, Weibang Ji and Shaoding Liu. An adjustable random laser chip based on double-sided PDMS wrinkle, 201810189388.2, Patent application

2.        Jingdong Chen, Yixia Zhang and Yating Song. A nucleic acid extraction microfluidic chip through double captured, 201810107960.6, Patent application

3.        Weibang Ji, Jingdong Chen, Wenjie Wang, Shaoding Liu and Xudong Fan. Optical biosensor and method for detecting DNA mismatch in free liquid, 201711399492.6, Patent application

4.        Jingdong Chen, Yating Song, Wenjie Wang, Weibang Ji and Shaoding Liu. An adjustable random laser chip based on different periods of PDMS wrinkle and its preparation, ZL201810116873.7, Patent authorization

5.        Jingdong Chen, Weibang Ji, Wenjie Wang, Shaoding Liu and Xudong Fan. A method for preparation of polystyrene microfluidic chip at normal temperature, ZL201610985498.1, Patent authorization

6.        Jingdong Chen and Yating Song. Microfluidic chip for producing both oil-water-oil and water-oil-water droplet,ZL201611110081.6, Patent authorization

7.        Di Chen, Jingdong Chen, Yao Xie, Binbin Lin and Daxiang Cui. A nucleic acid multi-amplified microfluidic chip, ZL201410097124.6, Patent authorization

8.        Di Chen, Jingdong Chen, Tao Yuan, Xiang Chen and Daxiang Cui. A cancer cell capture from whole blood microfluidic chip, ZL201110224663.8, Patent authorization

9.        Di Chen, Jingdong Chen, Tao Yuan, Ruijun Hu and Xiang Chen. Broadband microelectromagnetic vibration energy collector, ZL201110049163.5, Patent authorization

10.     Di Chen, Cheng Wu, Ruijun Hu, Jingdong Chen and Xiang Chen. Electroencephalogram stem electrode array based on flexible substrate MEMS technology and its preparation method, ZL201010284607.9, Patent authorization


Honors and awards

2018, Sanjin Talent of Shanxi