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HAO Wentao

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Chinese Name

Hao Wentao


Professional   Title

Associate   professor




Master   Supervisor




College Physics


Research Orientation:

1. Dielectric materials

2. Ceramic materials


Lectured CoursesCollege PhysicsBachelor


Personal experience:


Education Experience:

September 2003July 2007, Shandong University, Physics, Undergraduate / Batcheler

September 2007July 2012, Shandong University, Condensed matter physics, Postgraduate / Doctor of Science


Work Experience:

July 2012—Present, Taiyuan University of Technology, School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering, Lecturer / Associate professor

September 2018—March 2019, National University of Singapore, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Visiting scholar


Research Project

1.        Hao Wentao, Study on reducing the dielectric loss by constructing the core-shell structure (In0.5Nb0.5)xTi1-xO2 ceramics (Project number: 51602214), NSFC Youth Science Fund Project, 210000, 2017.01-2019.12.

2.        Hao Wentao, Low-temperature sintering of In and Nb co-doped TiO2 ceramics with high dielectric constan (Project number: 201801D221128), Shanxi Province Applied Basic Research Project Youth Science and Technology Research Fund, 30000, 2018.12-2020.12




Scientific Achievements


1.        Hao W, Wang Y, Yang S, et al., Reduce the low-frequency dielectric loss of (In0.5Nb0.5)0.05Ti0.95O2 ceramics by constructing insulating ZrO2 phase boundaries, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2020, 838: 155617.

2.        Xu P, Wang Y, Hao W, et al., Influence of SiO2-adding on microstructure and dielectric properties of (In0.5Nb0.5)0.05Ti0.95O2 ceramics, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2020, 254: 123460.

3.        Hao W, Xu P, Wang M, et al. Microstructure and dielectrical properties of CaCu3Ti4O12/TiO2 composite ceramics with core-shell structure. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2018, 740: 1159-1164.

4.        Xu P, Wang M, Yang S, et al. Influence of MgTiO3-doping on microstructure and dielectric properties of CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramics. Journal of Electronic Materials, 2018, 47: 5582-5587.

5.        Wang M, Wang Y, Hao W, et al. Dielectric Properties of NaCu3Ti3Nb1–xSbxO12 Ceramics. Transactions of The Indian Ceramic Society, 2018, 77(4): 198-201.

6.        Yang S, Xu P, Wang M, et al. High Dielectric-permittivity Properties and Relevant Mechanism of NaCu3Ti3Sb0.5Nb0.5O12 Ceramics. Journal of Inorganic Materials, 2017, 32(10):1029-1034.

7.        Hao W, Wu H, Xu P, et al. Influence of Sb-doping on dielectric properties of NaCu3Ti3TaO12 ceramics and relevant mechanism(s). Ceramics International, 2017, 43(4): 3631-3638.

8.        Shi Y, Hao W, Wu H, et al. High dielectric-permittivity properties of NaCu3Ti3Sb0.5Nb0.5O12 ceramics. Ceramics International, 2016, 42(1): 116-121.


1.        Method for preparing CaCu3Ti4-xZrxO12 ceramic with high dielectric constant and low dielectric loss, patent number: ZL201510238790.1, authorization date: 2015.05.12, Second inventor

Honors and awards

2019, Shanxi Province "Sanjin talents" support program — Outstanding young talents