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Chinese Name

Xiao Deng


Professional   Title

Associate professor



Master   Supervisor

Instrumentation   Science and TechnologyAcademic   Master Degree


Control   EngineeringIC EngineeringProfessional   Master Degree

Doctoral   Supervisor




Instrumentation   Science and Technology




Research Orientation:

1.        Research on Intelligent Detection Technology of Ice and Snow Environment

2.        Wireless Passive Sensor and System Design


Lectured CoursesComputer Interface TechnologyDigital Image ProcessingBachelor);Measuring and Control Technology and InstrumentationsDigital Image Processing and ApplicationMaster candidate


Personal experience:


Education Experience:

September 1998July 2002, Taiyuan University of Technology, Applied Physics, Undergraduate /Batcheler

September 2006July 2009, Taiyuan University of Technology, Detection Technology and Automation Device, Postgraduate / Master of Engineering

September 2010July 2014, Taiyuan University of Technology, Circuit and system, Postgraduate / Doctor of Engineering


Work Experience:

July 2002January 2019, Taiyuan University of Technology, School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering

February 2019—Present, Taiyuan University of Technology, School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering, Department of Instrument Science and technology

September 2006—September 2010, Taiyuan University of Technology, Department of physics, Faculty of Science, Director of Applied Physics Section

September 2014—February 2019, Taiyuan University of Technology, School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering, Head of Physics Department

November 2016—November 2017, University of Helsinki in Finland, Visiting scholar


Research Project

1.        Research and Development of Key Technology and Equipment for Ice Disaster Monitoring and Early Warning of The Yellow River (Project number: 201903D321001), Major R & D plan of Shanxi Province, 2019.12-2021.11.

2.        Soil Moisture Monitoring System of Yulin Eco Hydrological Observation Station in Shanxi Province (Project number: 183220084), Tsinghua University, 2018.01-2019.7.

3.        Development of Automatic Observation System for Groundwater Level (Project number: 183220084), Beijing Tongmeng Xinyuan Technology Development Co.Ltd, 2018.01-2019.7.

4.        Soil Water Observation System of Yulin Eco Hydrological Observation Station (Project number: 163220087), Tsinghua University, 2016.06-2016.11.

5.        Technical Development and Field Test of Ice Clearing Automatic Detection System for Typical Sections of Heilongjiang River (Project number: 153220117),  China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower, 2015.05-2018.7.

6.        Research on Key Technologies of Mixed Gas Detection Using Metal Sensitized ZnO Microarray (Project number: 2015021097), Basic Research Plan of Shanxi Province, 2015.01-2017.12.

7.        Development of an Automatic Sea Ice Temperature and Thickness Observation System at Zhongshan Station, Antarctica (Project number: 153220114), National Marine Environment Prediction Center, 2015.04-2015.12.

8.        Controllable Preparation of Zno Nanowire Arrays for Multi-Component Gas Quantitative Detection (Project number: E51205273), National Natural Science Foundation, 2013.01-2015.12.


Scientific Achievements


1.        Deng, Xiao*, Lingao Li, Bin Cheng, Xinshuo Lu, Liqin Cui, Chao Du, Li Zhang, Jianmin Qin, Multi-sensors monitoring method on ice and snow parameters in upstream of Heilongjiang, the northernmost river of China, Measurement, 2020, 152: 107303 (SCI Q1, IF=3.364)

2.        Deng, Xiao*, Huinan Gu, Lei Yang, Huafang Lyu, Yuanguo Cheng, Lipeng Pan, Zijian Fu, Liqin Cui, Li Zhang, A method of electrical conductivity compensation in a low-cost soil moisture sensing measurement based on capacitance, Measurement, 2020, 150: 107052(SCI Q1, IF=3.364)

3.        Deng, Xiao*, Yuanguo Cheng, Lingao Li, Jian Feng, Liqin Cui, Chao Du, Li Zhang, Lin Zhang, Jianmin Qin, Design and application of high-precision temperature measuring instrument for ice cover profile of river based on the resistance residual compensation method, IEEE Access, (2020), 8: 7899-7906 (SCI Q1, IF=3.745)

4.        Li Zhang, Hongtai Lin, Chao Du, Xin Liu, Xinshuo Lu, Xiao Deng, Liqin Cui, Performance investigation on pressure sensing from fiber Bragg grating loop ring-down cavity, Optics Communications, 2020, 469: 125759(SCI Q3, IF=2.125)

5.        Wei Jizhou, Zhao Jiechen, Deng Xiao *, Hao Guanghua, Cui Liqin, Zhang Li, Qin Jianmin, Analysis of sea ice thickness variation in Prydz Bay, Antarctica in 2016 based on temperature profile characteristics, Ocean Forecast, 2019, 36:30-38

6.        Shi Yuan, Deng Xiao *, Gu Huinan, Zhang Li, Cui Liqin, Qin Jianmin, Moisture content detection method and field test of frozen soil based on mpr121, Instrument Technology and Sensor, 2019: 119-122126

7.        Pan Lipeng, Lin Hongtai, Deng Xiao *, song Zhiqiang, Zhang Li, Cui Liqin, Design of dual channel multiplex micro displacement sensor system based on FLRDS, Journal of Taiyuan University of Technology, 2019, 50:667-672

8.        Gu Huinan, Yang Lei, Deng Xiao *, LV Huafang, song Zhiqiang, pan Lipeng, Zhang Li, Cui Liqin, Low frequency capacitive soil moisture sensing system with conductivity compensation, Journal of Sensing Technology, 2019, 32: 784-789

9.        Cheng Yuanguo, Deng Xiao *, Li Lingao, Gu Huinan, pan Lipeng, Cui Liqin, Zhang Li, Temperature detection and application of NTC thermistor based on temperature residual compensation method, Semiconductor Optoelectronics, 2019, 40: 226-230

10.     Shen Xiaoqiang, Deng Xiao *, Cui Liqin, Zhang Li, Hao Yansheng, Qin Jianmin,Research and application of snow depth detection sensor based on infrared light reflection, Electronic Devices, 2018, 41 (4), 1011-1015

11.     Chao Du, Qi Wang, Xu Liu, Yong Zhao, Xiao Deng, Liqin Cui, Research and application of ice thickness and snow depth automatic monitoring system, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 2017, 66 (2): 325-331 (SCI Q1IF=3.658)

12.     Hao Yansheng, Deng Xiao *, Cui Liqin, Qin Jianmin, Zhang Li, Shen Xiaoqiang, Shi Yuan, river ice thickness discrimination algorithm based on temperature gradient characteristics, Renmin Yellow River, 2017, 39 (10), 32-35

13.     Vadim K. Goncharov, Natalia Yu. Edush, Jianmin Qin, Liqin Cui, Li Zhang, Xiao Deng, Peng Cheng, Investigation of Correlation between the Temperature on Air-Snow and Snow-Ice Interfaces and the Atmospheric Air Temperature, Journal of Earth Science and Engineering, 6 (2016) 245-253

14.     Yang Tao, Zhi Jing, Qin Jianmin, Deng Xiao, Hou Yu, Ice sheet thickness detection and analysis method based on numerical distribution law of medium temperature, Practice and Understanding of Mathematics, 2016, 46 (13): 118-124

15.     Rong Junfei, Qin Jianmin, Deng Xiao, Hou Yu, River ice image telemetry system design and ice density analysis based on 3G network, Practice and Understanding of Mathematics, 2016, 46 (12): 108-115

16.     Zuo Guangyu, Du Chao, Qin Jianmin, Deng Xiao, Hou Yu, design of high-precision permafrost temperature gradient detection system, electronic devices, 2016, 39 (02): 469-474

17.     Liqin Cui, Jianmin Qin, Xiao Deng, Freshwater ice thickness apparatus based on differences in electrical resistance and temperature, Cold Regions Science and Technology, 2015, 119: 37-46 (SCI Q3IF=2.739)

18.     Ye Qiuhong, Qin Jianmin, Zhang Li, Zhang Jun, Deng Xiao, Research on static ice pressure sensing based on Fiber Bragg grating, Journal of China Academy of Water Resources and Hydropower, 2015, 13 (06): 435-441

19.     Pengwei Li, Jianlong Ji, Xiao Deng, Anli Li, Jie Hu, Gang Li, Wendong Zhang, Fe2O3 icositetrahedra: evolution and their comparative photocatalytic activities, CrystEngComm, 2015, 17: 7283-7289 (SCI Q2IF=3.117)

20.     Cheng Chaoqun, Li Gang, Zhang Wendong, Li Pengwei, Hu Jie, sang Shengbo, Deng Xiao, study on the electronic structure and optical properties of B and P doped β - Si3N4, Acta physica Sinica, 2015, 64 (06): 307-313 (SCI Q4IF=0.732)

21.     Hao Rui, Deng Xiao *, Yang Yibiao, Chen Deyong, Research progress in hydrothermal synthesis and application of ZnO nanowire rod arrays, Acta Chem Sinica, 2014, 72 (12): 1199-1208.

22.     Hu Jie, Deng Xiao, sang Shengbo, Li Pengwei, Li Gang, Zhang Wendong, Fabrication and gas sensing properties of ZnO nanowire arrays by microfluidic technology, Acta physica Sinica, 2014, 63 (20): 207102-1-7 (SCI) (SCI Q4IF=0.732)

23.     Deng Xiao, Gao fanqin, sun yongjiao,Study on ethanol gas sensing characteristics of PD doped ZnO nanowires, Sensors and Microsystems, 2014, 33 (04): 24-26 + 30

24.     Jie Hu, Fanqin Gao, Shengbo Sang, Pengwei Li, Xiao Deng, Wendong Zhang, Yong Chen, Optimization of Pd content in ZnO microstructures for high-performance gas detection, Journal of Materials Science, 2014, 50 (04): 1935-1942 (SCI Q2IF=3.553)

25.     Xiao Deng, Shengbo Sang, Pengwei Li, Gang Li, Fanqin Gao, Yongjiao Sun, Wendong Zhang, Jie Hu, Preparation, characterization, and mechanistic understanding of Pd-decorated ZnO nanowires for ethanol sensing, Journal of Nanomaterials, 2013, 2013: 1-8 (SCI Q3IF=1.980)


Conference Paper

1.        Xiao Deng, Bin Cheng, Lin Zhang, Matti Leppäranta, Jianmin Qin, Multi-sensors monitoring method on snow parameters in upstream of Heilongjiang, the northernmost river of China, The 7th National Seminar on Snow on the day of Pyry, Helsinki, Finland, 2017.11.01

2.        Xiao Deng, Bin Cheng, Liqin Cui, Li Zhang, Jiechen Zhao, Lin Zhang, Matti Leppäranta, Yansheng Hao, Jizhou Wei, Jianmin Qin, Monitoring snow and ice conditions in the Heilongjiang, the northernmost river of China, The 32nd International Symposium on Okhotsk Sea & Polar Oceans, Mombetsu, Hokkaido, Japan, 2017.02.19-22

3.        Xiao Deng, Jie Hu, Shengbo Sang, Pengwei Li, Gang Li, Wendong Zhang, Study the gas sensing mechanism of oxygen atom on Pd doped ZnO(0001), The 13th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology, IEEE-NANO 2013, Beijing, China, 2013.08.05-08 (EI)


Student Award

1.        Profile type low-cost soil moisture intelligent detection system, Education Development Center for Degree and Graduate Students of the Ministry of Education, China Electronics Society, the National Finals of the 14th "Zhaoyi Innovation Cup" Chinese Graduate Electronic Design Competition, the Third Prize, chief instructor, July 2019.

2.        Design and application of R-T-O automatic telemetry system for ice and snow based on the physical characteristics of air, ice, snow and water, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, China Association of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, China Federation of Students, the 14th Challenge Cup, National College Students' Extracurricular Academic and Technological Works Competition, the Second Prize, chief instructor, November 2015.

3.        Gradient low-cost soil moisture intelligent detection system, Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, Shanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Shanxi Provincial Department of Education, Shanxi Provincial Student Union, the 14th "Xingjin Challenge Cup" Extracurricular Academic and Technological Works Competition of College Students, the First Prize, chief instructor, June 2017.


Honors and awards

1.        2019, Excellent Graduate Student Guidance Team of Taiyuan University of Technology

2.        2017, Person in charge of Advantageous Specialty of Applied Physics

3.        2016, Number of Sensor branch of China Instrument and Instrument Society

4.        2016, Participated in the compilation of "12th Five Year Plan" national teaching material - "College Physics Experiment Course" (4th Edition)

5.        2015, Member of Hydraulic Professional Committee of China Water Conservancy Society

6.        2013, Core member of Innovation Team in Key Fields of Advanced Detection and Early Warning and Rapid Rescue of Coal Mine Water Disaster of Ministry of Science and Technology

7.        2009, Outstanding teacher in Taiyuan University of Technology

8.        2006, Person in charge of Brand Specialty of "Applied Physics" in Shanxi Province