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SHI Qiufeng

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Chinese Name

Shi Qiufeng


Professional   Title




Master   Supervisor




Doctoral   Supervisor









Research Orientation:


Luminescence of lanthanide ions and transition metal ions doped inorganics


Lectured CoursesOpticsBachelor);Environmental Lighting DesignBachelor


Personal experience:


Education Experience:

Beijing Jiaotong University (China)

Sep 2007-Jul 2014      

Optics (Ph.D. degree) Ph.D. Supervisors: Prof. Shihua Huang,   Prof. Fangtian You

Shihezi University (China)

Sep 2003-Jul   2007      

Physics (B.S. degree)


Work Experience:

Lecturer at Taiyuan University of Technology   (China)

Jul   2014-present

Studying the   host-to-impurity energy transfer processes in optical materials potential for   the development of fast and efficient scintillators.

Postdoctoral   Fellow at Ural Federal University (Russia)

Dec 2015-Feb   2017

Research on the processes responsible   for absorption and dissipation of high-energy photons, creation and   relaxation of intrinsic electronic excitations, energy transfer to defects   and lanthanide impurities


Research Interest:


1.     Development of novel efficient narrow-band red-emitting phosphors applied in WLED

2.     Synthesis and characterization of new promising lanthanide doped phosphor and scintillator materials (including nano-sized ones), investigation of the dynamics and spectroscopy of processes responsible for a fast radiative relaxation of excited impurity centers, crystal structure defects and intrinsic electronic excitations (electrons, holes, e-h pairs, excitons) in wide bandgap optical materials with different electronic structure and electron-phonon coupling. The research on near infrared luminescent materials and energy transfer processes involved are also included.

Scientific Achievements


1.       Qiufeng Shi*, Yan Huang, Konstantin V Ivanovskikh, Vladimir A Pustovarov, Lei Wang, Ping Huang, Luminescence properties and host sensitization study of Ba3La(PO4)3:Ce3+ with (V) UV and X-ray excitation, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2020, 817, 152704.

2.       Qiufeng Shi, Jiali Cui, Fangtian You, Shihua Huang, Hongshang Peng, and Yan Huang, VUV spectroscopic properties and 4fn-15d level positions of trivalent lanthanide ions doped into Na3Y(BO3)2, Journal of Luminescence 2019, 213, 489-493.

3.       Yongqiang Geng, Qiufeng Shi*, Fangtian You, Konstantin V. Ivanovskikh, Ivan I. Leonidov, Ping Huang, Lei Wang, Yue Tian, Yan Huang, and Cai’e Cui*, Site occupancy and luminescence of Ce3+ ions in whitlockite-related strontium lutetium phosphate, Materials Research Bulletin 2019, 116, 106-110.

4.       Xiaomin Bian, Qiufeng Shi*, Cai’e Cui, Lei Wang, Yue Tian, Bing Xu, Zhailoo K. Mamytbekov, and Ping Huang*, Near-infrared luminescence and energy transfer mechanism in K2YF5:Nd3+, Yb3+, Materials Research Bulletin 2019, 110, 102-106.

5.       Shiman Shi, Qiufeng Shi*, Cai’e Cui, Lei Wang, Yue Tian, Ping Huang*, Near-infrared luminescence and energy transfer processes in LaOF:Nd3+, Yb3+, RSC Advances 2016, 6, 91127-91132.

6.       Qiufeng Shi, Fangtian You, Shihua Huang, Yan Huang, Ye Tao, Host sensitization of Tb3+ through Gd3+ in Na3Gd (BO3)2:Tb3+, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 2016, 654, 441-444.

7.       Qiufeng Shi, Fangtian You, Shihua Huang, Hongshang Peng, Yan Huang, Ye Tao, Sensitization of Gd3+ ions by Tb3+ ions in Tb3+ doped (La, Gd)PO4. Chemical Physics Letters 2014, 601, 21-25.

8.       Qiufeng Shi, Fangtian You, Shihua Huang, Hongshang Peng, Yan Huang, Ye Tao, Excited state dynamics of Gd3+ and energy transfer efficiency from Gd3+ to Tb3+ in (La, Gd)PO4:Tb3+. Journal of Luminescence 2014, 152, 138-141.

9.       Qiufeng Shi, Fangtian You, Dini Xie, Hongshang Peng, Yan Huang, Ye Tao, Shihua Huang, Efficient energy transfer from the Pr3+ 4f5d states to Eu3+ via Gd3+ in K2GdF5. Journal of Luminescence 2014, 145, 620-625





Honors and awards