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LI Xiangqian

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Chinese Name

Li Xiangqian


Professional   Title





Master   Supervisor        





Doctoral   Supervisor









Research Orientation:

1. Gravity theory, black hole physics

2. Cosmology, early universe


Lectured CoursesCollege PhysicsBachelor);College Physics ExperimentBachelor.


Personal experience:


Education Experience:

September 2006July 2010, Henan Polytechnic University, Applied physics, Undergraduate /Bachelor

September 2010July 2013, Beijing University of Technology, Physics, Postgraduate / Master of Science

September 2013July 2017, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Theoretical physics, Postgraduate / Doctor of Science


Work Experience:

July 2017—Present, Taiyuan University of Technology, School of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering

Research Project

1.        Li Xiangqian, The black hole solutions and black hole accretion with the background of modified Chaplygin gas (project number: 11947135), Special Foundation for Theoretical Physics Research Program of China, 50,000, 2020.01.01-2020.12.31

2.        Li Xiangqian, The black hole solutions and black hole accretion with Chaplygin gas background (project number: 201901D211110), Natural Science Foundation for Young Scientists of Shanxi Province, China, 30,000, 2019.09-2022.09


Scientific Achievements


1.        Xiang-Qian Li*, Bo Chen, Li-li XingCharged Lovelock black holes in the presence of dark

fluid with a nonlinear equation of state, The European Physical Journal Plus, 135(2020) 175 (SCI 3, IF=3.228)

2.        Xiang-Qian Li*, Massive vector particles tunneling from black holes influenced by the generalized uncertainty principle, Physics Letters B, 763( 2016), 80-86(SCI 2, IF=4.384)

3.        Xiang-Qian Li*, Ge-Rui Chen, Massive vector particles tunneling from Kerr and Kerr–Newman black holes, Physics Letters B, 751(2015) 34-38 (SCI 2, IF=3.495 )

4.        X.-Q. Li*, M.-X. Shao, H. J. Paik, Y.-C. Huang, T.-X. Song, X. Bian, Effects of satellite positioning errors and Earth’s multipole moments in the detection of the gravitomagnetic field with an orbiting gravity gradiometer, Gen. Relativ. Gravit 46(2014) 1737 (SCI 4, IF=2.03)





Honors and awards